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Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel (December 26th-January 1st)

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

The positives about Macc Staying

krunchy313 offers an in depth post-season look at Macc’s performance this past offseason.

Top Comments:

On the potential roster turnover this offseason:

Picture Of Tomlinson

Seeing the picture of Tomlinson in this mornings FC got me to thinking, at least next year we as Jet fans should never have to see the following duds every again.Tomlinson: The worst “blocking TE” I’ve ever seen.Ijalana: Those compromising pictures of Maccagnan can’t save you this yearMcCown: You may be a good guy and be a coach but no more $10m for a bad backup.Qvale: Probably filled that “swing tackle” role better than our man Ben but shouldn’t be hard to find an upgrade backup LT/RTPeake: May play OK special teams but time to go.Brooks/Middleton: When they are playing Roberts at FS for a quarter of a season it shows you stink (I know injuries too but seen enough)Carpenter: OK you played well 1 year, OK another year and really, really bad the other years. Time to move on, has the agility of a soda machine at this point in his career. Claiborne: Shocked he stayed relatively healthy for this 2 years here but he’s not very good. Faded hard in year 1 and even harder in year 2. Getting older and I’m sure those injuries will start popping up again. He’s been downright awful for over half this year, time to move on from him.Skrine: Oh my god he’s somehow made it all the way through his bloated contract. He had some historically bad stretches at CB, sprinkle in a few really good ones and add the most freaking penalties you’ve ever seen. One of my least favorite Jets, SEE YAH BUUUUUSTARashard Robinson: How this guy has stuck around the roster for 2 year with suspension and absolute ass play is beyond me. Macc special, peace. There are more that will be cut, some I wish would be cut/traded/Let walk ( Guys like Williams, Lee, Jenkins, Dozier, Harrison, Long…) but with any luck, all listed above will be distant memories come next year.


On the signing of Trumaine Johnson:

IDK … This seems more of a signing gone bad, than a bad signing. The difference is that TJ was a top tier FA corner, who played much better than this and didnt have a bad guy reputation. So you have to wonder about the leadership and culture in the building? Especially in light of Dimitri Patterson, Mo Wilkerson, Revis not even trying at the end, Sheldumb, and a host of other locker room problems? is this a Jet problem, or just a problem that NFL teams have from time-to time? (see NY Giants) ….


On the prospect of Caldwell being head coach of the Jets:

Caldwell is a bum

Coaches to lose games. Terrible clock management. And terrible at developing players. Caldwell is the absolute last person I would want to coach the jets

-the wilk man delivers

On comparing Mike McCarthy to Andy Reid:

Beg to differ. You cannot compare Reid’s stint in Philly and McCarthy’s in GB.

Reid had a great long stretch with Philly, and the main reason he could never win it all was that he never had a top QB. He had Mcnabb and pretty mediocre receivers for most of his tenure, and when he finally get great receivers late in his Philly career, he had Michael Vick as his QB. Despite that, his offenses were perennially top-10, and his only losing season in his first 13 years was when they lost Mcnabb mid-season and had no backup.The one truly good year Mcnabb had, in 2004, was the year they went to the SB and lost 24-21 to BB and Brady. He was fired after going 8-8 and 4-12 in his last 2 years, when he had Michael Vick as his QB and Marty Mornhinweg as his OC. Plus, after so many years, they simply felt it was time to change the atmosphere. But there was strong reason for optimism that he would succeed again with another team. His offenses were always good despite never having a top QB, and everyone knew that he designed his offenses, not his OC. Thus, there was every reason to expect that he would have a top offense if he went to any team with decent offensive talent. McCarthy hasn’t come close to that record. He has underachieved with perhaps the greatest QB of the last decade. His playcalling and game management in numerous playoff games has been very poor. his defenses have always been terrible, and I haven’t heard anyone suggest that he is primarily responsible for his offense’s success. If anything, there have been rumors that Rodgers and other offensive players feel like his old-fashioned offense has held them back. I don’t think he’d be like Bowles, but I think he would hold back Darnold’s progress and cost us games in the playoffs, when coaching ability becomes far more critical.


On Caldwell being an “average” coach:

average coach,

he got the LIONS to the playoffs.’ those 2 statements are kinda opposite to me. not that I have a clue, waiting for the smoke to clear. I hope there’s contact with a top guy who will push the ace GM down / WAY down the power structure. I know, near impossible dream, this is the Jets. I’m with the oft expressed idea that if Macc remains in roster control that limits the coaching options.

-Rex Reyanson

On the state of the offense:

The Jets Offense

The reason most people think about when they wish for an Offensive guy as the new Jets HC is new creative schemes and the ability to nurture Sam Darnold in these. There’s another reason that may be even bigger, though: that this Offense is a massive train wreck. It has to be completely rebuilt. Outside of the rookies Darnold and Herndon, there is not one Jets player on Offense who is a lock to stay. In other words, in two years time, it’s a good bet that the Jets starting Offense will have 8 or even 9 new players starting. That’s what happens when you have failed so miserably at drafting Offense for so long. It’s not so easy to employ these brilliant schemes when the players all stink. The Jets new HC/OC will have a massive job on their hands rebuilding this Offense. Sure hope they will know what the hell they are doing. Because nobody else

-Broadway Jose

On some of the hits and misses of Macc’s moves:

Time will tell.

Macc may end up having a good 2018 draft. But this team may have to trade down in this years draft because Macc gave up so much for Darnold. Trumaine Johnson didn’t have that good of a year. He didn’t play like a number one corner. One deal that keeps coming to mind that Macc made at the 2017 draft was trading down in the third round for an additional fifth rounder. Minnesota was our trading partner and they took Pat Elflein, a center with that pick. The Jets took Ardalius Stewart. Stewart was waived at 2018 final cutdown. Elflein is a solid center, last I saw. Jets could have had Chrid Godwin instead of Stewart, but whiffed. Thus, I think Macc has made some good draft picks and trades. He even picked up Robby Anderson as an undrafted free agent. He’s also made some mistakes in trades and draft picks as well. Thus, I’d say he’s ok, not great. Not bad. If this team falters for another year or two, then it may be time for him to go.


On a positive of keeping Macc:

I think the only positive

Is to show other GM candiates hey this isnt some crazy organization we will give u a 2nd chance there is stability here. When Jets hired Idzik best candiates took other jobs and after firing him 2 years in they were criticized for firing a GM without allowing him to hire a head coach. I think being patient now will make them look like a better job in the future

-Nu York Fan

On the harm of ruling out hiring a coach who wants full control:

To flat out state that they are not going to consider HC candidates who demand player personnel control

is mind boggling. To your point JB, they are effectively eliminating any big fish candidates with proven track records. I don’t think either Harbaugh would have any interest in coaching the Jets now following that statement. It sounds like Mac has conned CJ into thinking he’s some sort of personnel guru (track record aside) and the candidate pool will be limited to coaches that Mac isn’t threatened by. Great! This is the perfect time to clean house and start fresh. SOJ.


On the greatness of GangGreenNation:

For a press conference that wasn’t streamed online,

GGN did a damn good job covering it.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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