Post senior bowl mock

Just throwing up my first mock of the season. I am sure there are some things that aren't for everyone, but I am gonna try to be somewhat realistic. Much of my focus in this off season though is to help out Sam as much as possible. That really should be the main thing we are thinking about when constructing next years roster.


Spencer Long: Saves us 6.5 mill. He was disastrous as a C, and not much better at OG. He has to go

Kelvin Beachum: Not a terrible bridge LT, but he is a liability in the running game, and we can do better. Saves us 8 mill

Isaiah Crowell: Just to streaky and doesn't make enough happen on his own. Cutting him saves us 3 mill.

After the cuts we are sitting at 111.3 Mill.


Le'Veon Bell RB: Just to be clear I am not a proponent of this signing. I think it will be an overpay by a GM looking to save his job with short term victories, BUT the guy is a good player and will make us a better offense. Bell gets 17 mill per

Trey Flowers DE/OLBer: The Pats only have 20 mill in cap space next year, and I think that they think they can get it done with just about anyone. Flowers has played well and will demand some money especially considering his age. Flowers gets 12 mill per which is more than the Pats are willing to part with.

Brandon Graham DE/OLBer: A bit older of a free agent but has still been an effective player. Gives us a 2nd edge guy that can pressure the QB. Comes at a slightly better price due to being 31. Graham gets 8 mill per.

Mitch Morse C: KC is going to have to choose between Morse and Dee Ford. We will happily take whichever they let go. I think they stick with Ford, and we take a fairly young C who had a good year. Morse gets 11 mill per

Trenton Brown LT: Once again i think the Pats believe they can give Scarneccia just about anything on the OL and he can make it work. Brown hits FA due to his asking price. We happily take this giant fella to guard Sam's blind side. Brown gets 14 mill per

Ronald Darby CB: We need another CB. Part of me wants to let the guys on the roster battle it out for the number 2 spot, but instead we sign a young guy who has played fairly well thus far in his career. Darby gets 13 mill per.

After this moderate spending spree we are left with 36.3 mill in space. Honestly it would probably be more because teams never take the full per year cap hit in year one but i did just to be conservative.


Robby Anderson: we put a 2nd round tender on Robby, seems like a no brainer to me. Costs us 3.1 mill

Steve McClendon: I think this guy is constantly under rated. I know he is getting older but interior D linemen have a longer shelf life. He is a leader in the locker room, and comes at a decent price due to his age. 4 mill per

Honestly there isn't anyone else i care to bring back. Anderson had an ok year, but I think he might be an odd fit for Williams D. I am not paying a FG kicker and aging returner premium money. Other than that it is basically the island of misfit toys. After this we have 29.2 mill left for draft class and other smaller signings to fill out the roster and get a K


#1 Cards: They take Bosa and don't overthink it.

#2 49ers: Josh Allen- comes off the board, he fits what they need pretty spot on.

#3 pick is traded to the Broncos who move up to take Drew Lock. Jets receive #10, #42, #71, and 2020 1st rounder. Denver has to make their move at some point. The rest of the team has some talent but they have been dealing with terrible QB play since Peyton.

#4 Oak: Rashan Gary- this just seems like the dumb move that Oak would make

#5 TB: Quinnen Williams- TB is pumped

#6 NYG: Dwayne Haskins- Meh whatever

#7 Jags: Clelin Ferrell- I honestly think they sign or trade for a Vet QB

#8 Lions: Ed Oliver- They take who they think is BPA

#9 Bills: Jonah Williams- They need O line bad

#10 Jets: D.K Metcalf WR- Here it is. This is the pick that will decide if you love or hate this mock. I personally think D.K has top 5-10 WR in the league potential. I think he runs far better routes than he is given credit for. Has crazy top end speed (was clocked over 22 mph in practices recently), is huge, strong, has great hands even during contested catches. Most importantly though, he shreds press coverage, can find soft spots in zones, and has elite acceleration especially for his size. Him and Robby on the outside and Q as our big slot will make Sam's life much easier.

#42 Jets: Ben Powers OG- Guy really impressed me at the senior bowl. Has good size, 315, and a powerful anchor, was asked to play in a spread system at Oklahoma which meant he had to have good feet and move well to the 2nd level. He slots in between Morse and Brown as our LG.

#68 Jets: Daylon Mack DT- This dude is THICK. And really impressed me at the senior bowl. We need someone who can make teams pay for double teaming Leo in the middle.... Daylon might be that guy. 6-1 325 he is nothing but power, but against 1 guy he is just going to walk him back to the QB.

#71 Jets: Austin Bryant Edge- Isn't gonna wow teams with his edge bending, but is good against the run, and can work his way to the QB with power. 8.5 sacks 2 years in a row at Clemson as well as 15.5 and 15 TFL. His lack of bend lets him drop to us but i think he can still be a valuable player. He goes into a rotation at 4-3 DE playing primarily rushing downs to begin with, but he has some use in the passing game.

#93 Jets: Andy Isabella WR- I think his size and propensity for body catching drops him to us here. But he has elite burst and speed, and knows how to get open on horizontal cuts. He also becomes our return guy right away and our #4 WR.

#98 Jets: Rodney Anderson RB- I know we signed Bell, but part of the reason Bell was losing his mind in Pitt was that they were slowly trying to murder him with his work load. Anderson falls here due to his injury this year, but I really think this could be the steal of the entire draft. He might be the most complete back in the draft this year. I see a ton of him and Bell on the field at the same time with Bell motioning out to the slot or out wide to tool on LBers and safties. Adding 2 RB's this off season might throw some people off but i really think McGuire and Cannon are JAGs, unless they take a step forward this off season, but the 2 of them will be fighting for the #3 spot.

#130 Jets: Oli Udoh OT- So no this isn't a draft pick to be an immediate starter, but he is a big, athletic guy who has the physical skills to play probably 4 positions on the line. Came from a small school, Elon, but held his own at the shrine game and the senior bowl. Give him a year or 2 with some solid NFL coaching and we might have a guy that can take over at RG or RT if Winters or Shell don't show something going forward.

Then we take someone in the 7th lol not sure who.

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