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Pro Bowl Open Thread

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots and Rams meet a week from today in Atlanta in the Super Bowl. That is the game with the biggest stakes on the NFL calendar.

Today we have the game with the smallest stakes on the NFL calendar, the Pro Bowl. You might argue preseason has less meaning, but I’d disagree. The preseason scores might not matter, but there are things on the line in those games such as position battles and roster battles. There couldn’t be less on the line in the Pro Bowl.

The format for this year’s game is AFC vs. NFC. I’m not sure many people have conference pride, though.

The Jets have three participants, Jamal Adams, Jason Myers, and Andre Roberts so you can root for them to do well if nothing else.

If you choose to watch the Pro Bowl, use this as a thread to discuss the game and the Jets on the field.