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Jets Post-Season Off-Season Wish List

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 season is over for the Jets. There are still teams battling away for the glory we hope to have one day. In order to reach that jubilation, we need to nail this off-season. Now that we know who our coaches are, we can sort of infer what type of offense and defense we will run. Let me know how I did. Post your own wish list below.

Players To Cut

Spencer Long - Cap savings ($6.5M): We thought anyone would be better than Wesley Johnson. Then we saw an injured Spencer Long. A lot of the problems with Long have been his injured finger. Even when he was healthy, he wasn’t exactly a world beater. We can get out of his contract with 0 dead money, and possibly land one of the better centers in the league in free agency.

Isaiah Crowell - Cap Savings ($3M): I like Crowell, but I don’t see him fitting in so much with where I see this offense going. We are going to need some high flying RBs to fit into our high flying offense. This will make much more sense when you see my free agency.

Money Saved: $9.5M

Players To Bring Back

QB, Josh McCown - 2019 Cap Hit ($4M): If McCown doesn’t decide to hang’em up, I would love to bring him back on a short term stint to continue to guide Sam with Gase.

S, Rontez Miles - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.9M): Miles has been out with an injury this year, but he has always been a reliable backup, and special teams player.

Edge, Brandon Copeland - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.3M): Copeland has come out of nowhere to becoming a productive cog on the edge.

KR/PR, Andre Roberts - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.2M): When was the last time we had a legit return man? Now is not the time to be cheap. Bring him back.

C, Jonotthan Harrison - 2019 Cap Hit ($1M): With Long’s short snapping troubles abundant, Harrison has done a half decent job of filling in. I can think of worse options for a backup.

LBer, Neville Hewitt - 2019 Cap Hit ($1M): Hewitt is a nice effort guy in our LBing core. I don’t mind keeping him onboard for depth.

K, Jason Myers - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.7M): Meyers the God has been on fire this year. Let’s sure up that monster leg.

CB, Darryl Roberts - 2019 Cap Hit ($2.2M): When Tru went down, Roberts was asked to step in for him. After a bumpy start, he has settled into the job, and didn’t do that badly. Reliable depth is a good thing.

WR, Robby Anderson - 2019 Cap Hit ($2.9M): Anderson is a RFA, so one more cheap year of with one of the better deep threats in the league, makes me smile.

WR, Deontay Burnett - 2019 Cap Hit ($.8M): Burnett is a guy I would love to keep around and develop him. He has a skill set and relationship with Darnold that we should foster.

Money Spent: $18M

Free Agents To Sign

C, Matt Paradis - 2019 Cap Hit ($10M): We need to sure up our O-line and keep Darnold clean. Paradis is one of the best centers in the game. If he makes it to the open market, he should be a top priority.

Option B: Mitch Morse

G, Rodger Saffold - 2019 Cap Hit ($11M): Unfortunately center is not our only need along the O-line. Saffold is a little on the older side, but still has a few years of solid football left. His productions is well worth it.

Option B: Tom Compton

Edge, Demarcus Lawrence - 2019 Cap Hit ($20M): We finally get our bonafide edge rusher. With the guys I have us getting, we can finally rely on a 4 man rush.

Option B: Trey Flowers

SAM LBer, Anthony Barr - 2019 Cap Hit ($8m): With the probable move to a 4-3 defense, we need some prototypical 4-3 LBers.

Option B: Jordan Hicks*

(*Hicks would play ILBer and move Avery to SAM)

CB, Steven Nelson - 2019 Cap Hit ($12M): With Claiborne probably not coming back, we need a new #2 CB to work opposite of a hopefully rejuvenated Trumaine Johnson .

Option B: Ronald Darby

SCB, Bryce Callahan - 2019 Cap Hit ($5M): Our CB group needs an overhaul. Replacing just Claiborne is not enough. We need a starting quality slot guy. I like Parry Nickerson, but we can’t just assume he makes the jump to being a starter. We need assurances.

Option B: Orlando Scandrick

RB, Mark Ingram - 2019 Cap Hit ($7.5M): With our O-line secure, it’s now time to use it. Ingram has been a solid back for the Saints and would offer us some early down and short yardage production. Yes, I know everyone wants Bell, and I do as well but I don’t see him meshing well with Gase.

Option B: Le’veon Bell

WR, Tyrell Williams - 2019 Cap Hit ($6M): The cherry on top for this offense is another deep threat that can strethc the field with Robby. Some will say that he is redundant, but I think we need redundancy there. With two deep threats on the field at once, the safeties have to respect them. This opens up the field for Herndon, Bell, and Q.

Option B: Golden Tate

Money Spent: $79M

Projected Cap Space: $108.4M


Cap Spent: $97M

Remaining Cap: $11.4


Round 1 (Trade with Giants - We get the 6th pick overall, their 2nd this year, 5th this year and 2nd next year)

OT, Jonah Williams, Alabama

Besides QB, the most important position is the guy protecting said QB’s blindside. We have Beachum for 1 more year, but we should be looking to nail down that spot now. We can put Jonah inside or at RT to start and let him work his way to LT. I don’t listen to anyone that says he is only a G. If you watch him play, you know he can handle the tackle position.

Round 2

Edge, Anfernee Jennings, Alabama

If you have your QB and LT covered, the next most important position is edge. We haven’t had a true edge in years. Demarcus Lawrence or Flowers would fill that primary need, Jennings would hold down the opposite side with his long arms, and violent hand usage.

Round 3

WR, Andy Isabella, Massachusetts

Isabella is still being slept on for the most part. I am sure that will change after the combine when he blows everyone away. Isabella isn’t just a crafty routesman. Andy is a legit deep threat with his speed. He has the jets to separate from speedy DBs. It’s fun watching him kick into high gear.

Round 3

C/G, Garrett Bradbury, NC State

Our whole o-line needs to be rehabilitated. Paradis, Saffold and Jonah are a good start, but we need to replace Winters sooner rather than later. Bradbury can be a nice interior cog for us in any scheme Gase can think of.

Round 4

WR, Parris Campbell, Ohio State

We need playmakers, it’s that simple. However we can get them, let’s get them. Campbell is a nice movable piece. Give him the ball and watch him work. He is a threat to take it to the house whenever he touches it.

Round 5

CB, Mark Gilbert, Duke

Grabbing two starters in free agency helps the cornerback group a little, but we need some depth. Gilbert is a nice, long corner with some stickiness. I think with some NFL coaching he can work on his technique issues.

Round 5

RB, Jordan Scarlett, Florida

Scarlett quietly had a powerful year for Florida. It seemed to be a very common thing to see Jordan running through tackles, and picking up giant chunks of yards. We lack tough, hard-nosed running backs.

Round 7

TE, Tommy Sweeney, Boston College

We need some TE depth behind Herndon and Leggett. We specifically need a guy that is known for his blocking so the other guys can go run routes instead of being on pass block duty. Sweeney made a name for himself as a blocker in BC’s run heavy offense.