Let’s stock up that Offense

If you look at the depth chart of the New York Jets, especially the offensive side of the ball, you quickly realize Mac likes shopping the discount bins for talent. Aside from Darnold there are two 3rd rounders a 4th and then a bunch of 5th-UDFAs. On defense we have three players taken in the top 6 picks and the majority are 3rd round or better. This inequity cannot continue, we can’t use the switch to a 4-3 to justify adding more and more pieces to this ‘perfect’ defense. We live in an age of offense first NFL, look at the final 4 teams and the amount of top tier weapons on each team.

I realize there are no ‘consensus’ top 10 player in this draft on offense, this is why you trade back. DeAndre Hopkins was pick 27, what 4-3 LB is more valuable than him? Micheal Thomas, Alvin Kamara these guys were picked after the first round and no one valued them as top ten players. My point is there are offensive players in this upcoming draft that will be dominant, it should be Macs absolute obsession leading up to this draft to identify them and trade back to an acceptable place to take them and bring back valuable assets in the process.

I tend to be good for one of these let’s build the offense posts per year, I’m always disappointed come draft time.

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