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Adam Gase’s introductory press conference was your typical introductory press conference

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

New Jets head coach Adam Gase met the New York media today.

Introductory press conferences for head coaches tend to be dog and pony shows without much substance. It’s probably the easiest thing the coach ever has to do. If you avoid making a big mistake, you won the day.

Adam Gase didn’t make a big mistake, and there wasn’t much notable to come from the presser.

Not exactly riveting stuff, but no games have ever been won or lost in the press conference.

The internet did have some fun with Gase.

All joking aside, this stuff doesn’t really matter. There are plenty of coaches who are great in front of a camera and lose on Sunday and plenty of coaches who are bad in these settings but win a lot. All that matters for Gase is winning.