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Gang Green Nation Podcast #12 - Selling Adam Gase

A dose of #GasePositivity from Michael Nania

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New York Jets (@nyjets)

Welcome back to the Gang Green Nation Podcast! Last week, I discussed my ranking of the Jets head coaching candidates from worst to best. As it turns out, the Jets have made a decision on a new head coach since the release of that episode, and their choice was the man I had ranked last on my list - Adam Gase!

Since the hire first announced, I’ve been doing my best to find all of the reasons to be optimistic about the future of the Jets with Gase at the helm. In this episode, I went over Gase’s career as an NFL coach and looked at some of his best accomplishments.

  • Getting seven wins out of a 35-year old Jon Kitna in Detroit
  • Finding a way to pull the best football out of both J.T. O’Sullivan and Shaun Hill in San Francisco
  • A nice resume as a wide receiver coach in Denver, highlighted by Brandon Marshall and Brandon Lloyd
  • Playing a part in Tebow Mania
  • Helping Peyton Manning set records and establish career bests
  • Improving the Bears offense and getting Jay Cutler to new heights
  • What happened in Miami?
  • Gase’s close game magic - fluky luck, or an uncanny skill he’ll bring to New Jersey?

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Enjoy the listen!