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Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel (January 2nd-January 8th)

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

My 2019 Starters in a Perfect World (2nd Edition)

erik23 lays out his dream roster for next year.

Interesting Idea at RB

vin.fodera has an idea for an incredible 1-2 punch at the position.

Jets Offensive Game Going Forward

Canadian Jet contemplates whether or not the Jets should change up their approach to the coaching staff.

Top Comments:

On why Kris Richard might be the man for the job:

Kris Richard

Is not an ideal candidate, considering certain resemblances to Bowles, but I think he could be the best candidate. Being the same age as Kingsbury, Richard seems more accomplished and more capable for the job. He spent 8 years as a DB’s coach under Pete Carroll as guys like Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman emerged into the spotlight of the league. After Dan Quinn left for Atlanta, Richard became the DC, leading the defense to the no. 1 rank in terms of points allowed in 2015. Then he of course moves on to Dallas as the DB’s coach, we’ve all seen how fast that defense can be. When I look beyond the resume, I see two things that stick out. 1: Richard has had a lot of success developing young DB’s. This proves to be invaluable in modern day NFL, considering how difficult it is to play that position now. He arrived in Seattle in 2010, following Carroll from USC, which also marks the rookie season of S Kam Chancellor and S Earl Thomas. The following season, 2011, was Richard Sherman’s rookie season. You could make the case that any of these three players are the DB’s of the new generation of football. I think Kris Richard deserves some credit, especially considering two of them were 5th round picks. 2: Like Bowles, Richard played DB in the NFL after playing under Carroll at USC. He played for 4 teams. But the two couldn’t be more different from a personality stand point. Richard strikes me as a natural leader because of his energy. Byron Jones says he runs patterns with them at every practice (something I doubt Bowles could do if he wanted). It seems, from what I have read, that Richard is capable of instilling a sense of urgency in his players. This is something that I thought the Jets lacked this season, at least during games, and at least some of that is on the head coach in my mind. Bowles has a reserved personality, Richard is aggressively outgoing. We need to get the best guy possible. And to say that we are strictly only looking at offensive candidates would go against that. None of these candidates are ideal, but Richard is my favorite of the guys I’ve looked at.


On the prospect of focusing on completely revamping our offense:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this

And to be honest I’d just go all in on offense. Get a college OC or HC that is showing super promise. Sign Bell. Draft OL and WR like crazy. Robby is useful. Enunwa is useful. Bell is terrifying for all teams. If we land on 1 WR and a few OL over the next 2 years we can have a SCARY offense. You drafted Sam. Go all in on Sam. At the very least it’s exciting.


On the behavior of Jamal Adams:

Jamal Adams is awesome for speaking his mind about improving the talent level. He’s just being real about the team’s needs. Yes, Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa are good receivers, but neither one is a true WR1 like Antonio Brown. Yes, Leonard Williams is a fine defensive lineman, but he is nowhere near as disruptive as Jadaveon Clowney or Dee Ford. I actually think Elijah McGuire is a pretty decent receiving back and that Isaiah Crowell is a decent RB2, but Le’Veon Bell is a great RB1. We DO need an improvement in talent at both the skill positions and pass rush. We DO need an offensive minded coach to help Darnold become great. He’s right to tell Maccagnan and Johnson exactly what he thinks, because they have no business not listening to and respecting the views of their most accomplished player and arguably the best safety in football, and because he undoubtedly knows more about football than they do. We fans think we know the problems, but I am sure a smart player like Jamal Adams definitely knows what the team needs. He certainly has far more invested in the Jets being a successful team than any of us fans. I hope he continues to recruit talented players and coaches at positions of need.


On the irony how Macc kept his job:

I was thinking yesterday about how Maccagnan failed his way into keeping his job. He needed a QB last year because the Hackenberg pick was so terrible. He tried to sign Cousins, but the roster he built was so terrible that Cousins had no interest. So he ended up making the move for Sam.

-John B

On the prospect of hiring Matt Rhule:

Rhule is far and away number 1 candidate now. Here’s how impressive his body of work is: Teams he’s turned around as a HC: Temple, Baylor Position coaching jobs: Linebacker Coach (Albright, Western Carolina) Dline Coach (Buffalo, UCLA, Temple) Oline Coach (Western Carolina, NY Giants) QB Coach (Temple) TE Coach (Temple) Coordinator jobs: Special Teams Coordinator (Western Carolina) Offensive Coordinator (Temple) You would be hard pressed to find a coach who understands every facet of the game of football as Matt Rhule.


On why we should hire Matt Rhule:

10 comments deep without a negative one!

Think we found our guy


On Macc’s pro experience:

29 years

That’s how long Maccagnan has been in the business of pro football. That much experience, yet he took a guy in Hackenberg (at #51 overall) who 20-year old dudes walking around in sandals and man-bun hairstyles at PFF could easily see was so bad they had him graded as undraftable. The only thing Maccagnan might get better at is dissimulation to the media, B.S.’ing Christopher Johnson, and dirty politicking behind the scenes to try and save his job


On Bowles & Macc:

Nope not going down this road

We had a bad chicken that laid bad eggs. We got rid of the bad egg. That chicken is still bad


On why Macc searching for the new head coach can be a good thing:

I’ve said it elsewhere...

As much as I find retaining Macc to be distasteful, the fact that he will be involved in the coaching search is a silver lining. A lifetime football guy who the Johnsons appear to like is probably better at giving input on the HC than anyone else. He can’t not know that he’s as toast as the next coach if the guy can’t succeed on the field. And the world knows his legacy rides on the Darnold pick. Pepper Johnson’s interview was really interesting. I didn’t love what it meant for my team but it certainly made sense of some things.

-cult hero

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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