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Podcast: Talking about the Jets hiring Adam Gase with Brian Bassett

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you aren’t familiar with Brian, he is the former manager of The Jets Blog, the most influential fan to ever write about the Jets online. When I started this site over a decade ago, my bosses at SB Nation constantly told me to look at what Brian was doing.

Shortly after the new year I got an e-mail from Brian that he had listened to the podcast I did criticizing the Jets for keeping Mike Maccagnan.

He said we should get together soon for a show. We went back and forth exchanging dates and settled on last night to record.

Around an hour before we were supposed to go, word came out that the Jets were hiring Adam Gase as their head coach. I asked Brian if we could reschedule so I could gather my thoughts. Brian still wanted to go forward with the show so we did.

If you are looking for discussion on why the hiring of Adam Gase is a good idea, I suggest you find a different podcast for today. I am sure I will eventually come up with some way to view this hire with optimism, but my first thoughts are not very good.