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Jim Caldwell and Mike McCarthy likely to interview with Jets

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like you can add a pair of experienced NFL head coaches to the Jets’ search. Jim Caldwell and Mike McCarthy are both candidates.

McCarthy was the long-time head coach of the Packers. He won a Super Bowl eight years ago, but things slowly declined in Green Bay through the years, leading to his firing a few weeks back.

Caldwell had stints leading the Colts and the Lions. He was the head coach for a Super Bowl trip for the Colts and a couple of Lions Playoff appearances.

I would be open to McCarthy, but if hired I’d like to see him show a willingness to adapt his offensive scheme to modern times. He fell behind the curve near the end of his Green Bay tenure.

I’d pass on Caldwell. To me he seems like the definition of an average coach. I’d like to see the Jets set their aim higher.