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Scouting The 2019 NFL Draft: Week 2 Scouting Guide

Click it here to see which games and prospects you should be watching in week 2.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After an exciting 1st week of college football, things slow down. There aren’t a lot of great matchups this week to get excited about, but there are a few. I will be prioritizing games with prospects that fit our primary needs. Those are as follows: Edge, T, RB, G, ILB, TE and CB. Here are just a few games to check out, and who you should keep a keen scouting eye on throughout.

Miss. State Vs. Kansas State (Sat 9/8, 12:00 PM EST, ESPN)

Edge, Montez Sweat, Miss. State (#9)

Montez is a smart edge guy that is sound in all aspects of the position. When he rushes the passer, he just looks like he has a plan going into each snap.

OT, Dalton Risner, Kansas State (#71)

Risner was one of the top tackles last year, and I expect much of the same this year. He fits just about any scheme you can think of. Dalton is as well rounded as the come.

OT, Scott Frantz, Kansas State (#74)

Frantz is a very strong tackle on the other side of Risner. It’s great to watch how quick and powerful he is with his hands. Defenders need to be equally strong and quick, or they will easily get washed.

RB, Aeris Williams, Miss. State (#22)

Williams, unlike most college running backs, is very good at blocking. His vision and patience is also special.

OG, Darryl Williams, Miss. State (#73)

Williams would be a better fit for a power man blocking scheme. He is such a physical force. I can watch him move people around all day.

Other Notable prospects: C, Adam Holtorf, Kansas State #79, DT, Jeffery Simmons, Miss. State #94

Clemson Vs. Texas A&M (Sat 9/8, 7:00 PM EST, ESPN)

Edge, Clelin Ferrell, Clemson (#93)

Ferrell is a disciplined, 3 down edge guy. Clelin combines his length, speed and technique to rein hell down on o-linemen.

Edge, Austin Bryant, Clemson (#7)

Austin Bryant looks the part of an elite edge rush, but then once the ball is snapped, he looks anything but. He needs to grow in every aspect of the position.

OT, Mitch Hyatt, Clemson (#75)

Physically Hyatt is an amazing tackle prospect. Technically, he is a nightmare. His raw skill will get him looks in the first 3 rounds, but he needs some coaching bad.

RB, Tavien Feaster, Clemson (#28)

Feaster is a North South runner that packs a punch. It’s hard to bring Tavien down behind the LOS.

RB, Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M (#5)

Possibly a 3rd down back at the next level, Williams is a bouncy back. He is shifty and routeinly gets the edge on defenders.

Off-ball LBer, Kendall Joseph, Clemson (#33)

Over the last two seasons, Joseph has been a tackling machine. There is nothing slow about Kendall, from his speed physically to his mental recognition.

CB, Trayvon Mullen, Clemson (#21)

Mullen has the size and speed to take advantage of the miss throws caused by the Clemson front 7. Now is his production his own, or should we give the credit to the before mentioned front 7.

Other Notable prospects: DT, Christian Wilkins, Clemson #42 - DT, Dexter Lawrence, Clemson #90 - DT, Daylon Mack, Texas A&M #5 - S, Tanner Muse, Clemson #19