My Prediction On The Season

The Jets have issues with O-line depth and edge rushers that is common knowledge. It is concerning with the tight end position, but it is unknown how that will play out with all the young tight ends. It is known that Darron Lee is also a concern on the season. The additions from free agency and the draft helped with solving most of the issues of the last season. We have real quarterback named Sam Darnold who I would not predict Pro Bowl stuff, but a solid rookie quarterback has some growing pains for his rookie season. Darnold looked to be middle of the pack with starting quarterback in preseason. We have an excellent DL and excellent group of WRs. We look to have a pretty good secondary and running backs. The starting o-line is below average, but the offense going on short passes to combat issues with the o-line. (Many folks watch preseason and confused that Qvale would be the starter forgetting Beachum is here.)

My prediction is that we win 10 games this year because of the schedule and not playing bad football.

Look at the schedule

Bills (twice)

Dolphins (twice)



Texans (At the end of the season, Watson could be hurt by then.)


Colts (Will Luck survive by week 6?)

Bears (Mack trade does not solve the offensive concerns of the Bears.)

Jags (we beat them last year)




Pats (twice)

We are currently pursuing upgrades at edge rusher along with other depth chart concerns in the scrap heap, so the team will be better than what it is now.

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