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Jets vs Jaguars Second Half Thread

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

So, that first half was ... something. The Jacksonville Jaguars completely dominated the action.

The Jets defense played reasonably well early, holding the Jacksonville Jaguars to just a pair of field goals on a pair of long clock eating Jacksonville drives. But they couldn’t stop the Jaguars offense late in the half, yielding a long touchdown drive and another field goal as the Jaguars scored on every drive of their first half. The long time on the field for the defense may come back to haunt the Jets in the second half.

The New York Jets couldn’t get anything going on offense, never advancing the ball past the Jaguars’ 40 yard line. Sam Darnold played OK within the confines of a very conservative offense, but never really got much going. Quincy Enunwa, as usual, was the sole effective Jets wide receiver. The New York Jets offensive line continued to illustrate what happens when you drop all offensive linemen from your draft board until day three of the draft for a decade. Jets running backs struggled to get much going on the ground, and Jets receivers were limited for the most part to short gains by a great Jaguars secondary.

We go into the second half with the Jets trailing 16-0, never threatening the Jaguars, and a 1-3 record looming ahead.

Enjoy the second half everyone.