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Report: Dan Bailey to work out with Jets on Monday

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

With their kicking situation still unsettled as we prepare to enter the regular season, the Jets are bringing in free agent kicker Dan Bailey for a visit.

Up to last season, Bailey had been one of the most automatic kickers in the NFL. 2017 was the worst season of his career as he hit a career low 75% of his kicks and missed a pair of extra points. It is worth noting that he was perfect before suffering a groin injury in the early part of the season. He missed four games and continued appearing on the injury report into November. It isn’t clear the extent to which the injury lingered, but it is possible it continued to impact him.

As far as the potential signing of Bailey goes, I think it would be a no brainer for the Jets if everything checks out on the injury side. Hitting 88% of your kicks over a seven year stretch is sensational. Last year’s struggles have to be noted, but it also is worth noting that his stats suffered for essentially three bad games, one of the first rough patches in his career.

I don’t think many kickers are worth paying a whole lot of money. Bailey would be one of the exceptions since he has been so good for such a long stretch.