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Podcast: Previewing Jets vs. Jaguars with Locked on Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jet Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

On Wednesday during the 2018 NFL season, our podcast is a crossover show with the podcast of that week’s opponent. In Week 4, the Jets have a date with the Jacksonville Jaguars. On today’s show, I join the hosts of Locked on Jaguars to discuss the upcoming game.

Much like Jets fans, Jaguars fans are not very happy as their team suffered an ugly Week 3 loss. Jacksonville followed up a big Week 2 win over the Patriots with a lackluster loss to the Tennessee Titans. On the show today we discuss where both teams go from a disappointing Week 3. We will talk about the big picture for both teams. Then we go into key matchups on both sides of the ball as the Jets take on their most challenging opponent to date in this young season.

Thanks as always for listening to the podcast. Your support is greatly appreciated.