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Jets vs. Browns: What was the most important play of the game?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What was the most important play of the Jets’ loss to the Browns on Thursday night?

Normally in this series we look at something like a turnover or a touchdown that changed the score. The flow of this game, however, points to a different play. It was a play that seemed relatively innocuous at the time. I would say the third down sack of Tyrod Taylor by Avery Willamson late in the second quarter was the most significant play of Thursday’s game.

Taylor left the game with an injury after the play, and in came Baker Mayfield. The Jets led 14-0 and were dominating play at that point. Mayfield’s entrance energized the crowd and seemed to have the same effect on his teammates. It also changed how the Jets approached the game a bit.

Some people are trying to draw the parallel between that play and Mo Lewis’ 2001 hit on Drew Bledsoe that led to Tom Brady taking over the starting job in New England. That is a stretch. Mayfield has a long, long way to go to match Brady’s resume. Unlike Brady in 2001, Mayfield was inevitably going to get the starting job in Cleveland. Based on the way the game was going, it might have happened last night anyway.

With that said, there was no more significant development from Mayfield’s entrance, which makes the play that knocked Taylor out my most important play.

What is your most important play of the game?