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Obligatory reminder that Sam Darnold’s career is not over after one bad game

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I don’t generally like writing articles like this because there is a degree of cherry picking involved. It doesn’t necessarily follow that Sam Darnold will have the same career trajectory as any of the players I am about to mention.

With that said, I wanted to share the following performances of some other quarterbacks in case you were wondering whether a bad early game had any correlation with a successful career.

Tom Brady’s Second Career Start: 12/24; 86 yards; 0 TD; 0 INT; 58.7 passer rating

Peyton Manning’s Second Career Start: 21/33; 188 yards; 1 TD; 3 INT; 51.1 passer rating

Russell Wilson’s First Career Start: 18/34; 153 yards; 1 TD; 1 INT; 62.5 passer rating

Drew Brees’ Third Career Start: 17/31; 181 yards; 0 TD; 1 INT; 58.7 passer rating

Ben Roethlisberger’s Ninth Career Start: 9/20; 0 TD; 0 INT; 66.9 passer rating

Matt Ryan’s Second Career Start: 13/33; 158 yards; 0 TD; 2 INT; 29.6 passer rating

Aaron Rodgers’ Fourth Career Start: 14/27; 165 yards; 2 TD; 3 INT; 55.9 passer rating

Call me crazy, but we might want to give Sam Darnold a little more than one bad game before writing him off.