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Jets vs. Browns Second Half Thread

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lead the Browns 14-3 at halftime in Cleveland.

It was a first half without much offense. The two teams combined for just 221 yards. Of that, there was only 75 passing yards.

On offense the Jets have taken a very conservative approach with 19 runs against 12 passes. Even the passes have been of the safe variety. The run game did put together a strong run game on one touchdown drive. The other touchdown drive was set up by a blocked punt.

On defense the Jets are dominating up front. The secondary has allowed guys to run free, but Tyrod Taylor had a nightmarish first half where he constantly missed open receivers. Taylor left the game late in the first half, which brought the NFL debut of Baker Mayfield. Mayfield led the Browns on a field goal drive that brought life back to the stadium.

Leave your second half thoughts below.