First Post: thanks and compliments to folks here

I have lots of opinions...

One of those opinions is that GangGreenNation is arguably the best online sports community out there.

As a Jets fan since 1986 -long story for another post- I am grateful to read all the amazing content folks contribute here. There is outstanding analysis by the writers, witty conversation in the comments, and through all of it, enthusiasm for being a Jets Fan.

I have made a habit of reading some of the other SBNATION blogs for upcoming opponents, rival teams, and places where former Jets have landed. GangGreenNation beats them all, no contest. The writing is better here, the play-breakdowns are better, the player evaluation is better, the comments are better...etc.

Lastly - and this is probably my favorite part - it seems to me that GangGreenNation holds itself to a higher standard. There are fewer trash comments here. There is way less vulgarity and NSFW nonsense. This is important. I want my kids to be JETS fans. Right now, GangGreenNation is a place I am happy to let my teenagers read and learn from.

My thanks to you. Each of you, writers, admin, fans.

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