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Jets Week 2 Anti-Game Ball: The Offensive Line

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jets win, we give out a game ball. When the Jets lose, it is our sad duty to give out an anti-game ball to the person or people whose failures stood out.

As with the game ball, we try to avoid giving it to the quarterback or repeat recipients whenever possible. Neither is an issue this week. A few mistakes aside, I don’t think anybody would put Sam Darnold at the top of the list of reasons the Jets lost. And with this being the first loss of 2018, there is no possibility of finding a repeat winner.

Just as there were numerous candidates for last week’s game ball, this week’s anti-game ball has no shortage of worthy choices, including Buster Skrine, Chris Herndon, and Terrelle Pryor.

I am ultimately going to choose the offensive line, though. Typically we focus on one player, but the offensive line can be an exception since it functions as a unit. Yesterday it didn’t function as a unit. The Jets couldn’t get their run game going, averaging just over 2 yards per attempt. Things weren’t much better in the passing game as Darnold rarely had a clean pocket to work with. Working around consistent losses in the trenches is not easy. This contributed heavily to the 12 point output from the offense in Week 2.

Who gets your anti-game ball?