Optimism Despite Divisional Loss

As a preface, I would like to state that this is the first time that I've logged into this account since May 2, 2016. I didn't even watch the Jets last season, and the year prior, I watched two games. But I feel imbued with fresh energy and optimism after our loss to the Dolphins.

I can't remember a Jets loss that I didn't walk away from bitter and angry, so why am I so enthusiastic about an 8 point defeat against a divisional rival?

Sam Darnold threw for 334 yards and nearly 2 touchdowns. Yes, nearly. Bowles' poor game management squandered the rookie's long drive down to the 1 yard line before the half.

Despite two rookie interceptions, our 21 year old kid looks better than any Jets QB play that I can remember over the past 10 years. 334 yards and nearly 2 touchdowns. Sam Darnold threw for 168 more yards than Tannehill; with no name receivers to boot.

On top of the skill that Darnold flashed today, our defense was lights out when considered in context - 14 points were scored on Jets' turnovers with short field position. Miami was only able to march down the field on two occasions - their one truly earned touchdown and the drive that ended the game. The Jets racked up 110 more yards than the Dolphins.

365 days from now, those rookie turnovers should be absent from Darnold's game. Remove Bowles from the equation, and this game could easily have been a 20 - 14 Jets' victory.

Sam Darnold looks the way franchise QBs do in their rookie seasons. I am very optimistic about Sam and our $110 million in cap space.

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