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Video: Breakdown of Jets QB Sam Darnold’s First Touchdown Pass

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Today I present to you a video breaking down Sam Darnold’s first career touchdown pass. It went 41 yards to Robby Anderson on Monday night in Detroit.

I wanted to take you through what happened because there is a really impressive aspect to this play. When watching it over I came to a realization. Anderson was really supposed to be a decoy on this play. None of the timing on this play matched up with Anderson being the intended target. Things simply changed postsnap, namely the Lions totally busted the coverage. Darnold recognized it and changed his plans even though his first read was open.

The video breaks this all down in detail. Please enjoy it as you relive the glory of Sam’s first NFL touchdown pass, which will hopefully be the first of many to come.

I am hoping it wins an Oscar for the epic story it tells!