Random Thoughts Following Week 1

Everyone wants to post something on Monday morning following a 31 point blowout. I figured I'd wait and sift through what I saw, and what I think it means for this team this year and beyond. Just a couple of thoughts and observations.

1. The Jets are solid in press and zone coverage, but not so great playing off the ball.

I think the Jets are really improved in zone coverage, and that's an area that they sucked at last year with gaping holes in zone. I think the play from Darron Lee in particular in zone during passing plays was solid. This is going to be very important when they play teams like New England that like to spread the field 4 and 5 wide. That was a liability last year, that I think will be a strength this year.

One area that I think they struggle is playing off ball, and covering receivers in motion. Detroit scored a touchdown, and had a couple of other easy receptions as soon as a man was put in motion. Hopefully they get this corrected.

2. More cuts are coming.

Ardarius Stewart is coming off suspension at the end of week 2. The Jets Are currently 6 deep, but I think they will keep 7 and add Stewart to the roster without releasing a receiver. My reasoning for this? There are four receivers in the final year of their contract (Anderson, Kearse, Pryor, Enunwa). Basically the top 4 guys will eat up a lot of the 90 million in spending money next year. I'm betting the Jets re-sign 3 of them. They won't cut Ardarius Stewart or Charone Peake because they count for roughly 1.5 million combined and are signed through 2019 and 2020 seasons. Charone Peake has also been involved in all of the big returns as a blocker, and caught the ball well in the red zone. With all of that said, I'm going to guess the week 2 cut is a tight end. Most likely Jordan Leggett, or Tomlinson.

3. Playcalling is looking better on offense and defense than in seasons past.

It's easy to Monday morning QB any playcall. What's more important is how many times during a game is a play called that makes you scratch your head. I only counted two. One on offense when a reverse was called on a 3rd and 1 from the 30(ish) yard line that took the team out of field goal range. Most would agree to go for the first down, but don't sacrafice yards through a bad play call. The other was on defense when a blitz was called against a spread formation leaving a receiver open in the middle of the field. Other than that, the play calling was great. When you can only think of two bad calls in a game, I think the coaches are doing a great job.

4. Buster Skrine's days are numbered.

I don't know if any of you saw two plays. One was Parry Nickerson's toe tapping end zone interception that was incorrectly ruled out of bounds. The other was watching Nickerson close on a receiver in fractions of a second and get an open field tackle. Although he got a taunting penalty, he looked ready to play and like the stage is not too big for him. I first thought of him as a nickel corner, but I think he can probably play outside or over the slot. I'm sold on Parry, and Buster will need to play well to keep his job.

5. Neil Sterling

No one has ever mentioned Neil. We've mentioned Clive Walford, Jordan Leggett, Chris Herndon. The reality is that Neil is the present and could be the future. He's always on the field, and he makes plays when the ball comes his way. Monday night he was targeted three times, and he caught three passes. Not saying he's a star by any means, but if his blocking improves he may be the permanent starter, and possibly make Eric Tomlinson expendable.

These are just thoughts I had from what I observed, and feelings I have about the team going forward. What are your thoughts for the rest of the season based on what you saw? Also, what are we going to do when Eli McGuire comes back from injury?

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