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Jets podcast: Scouting the Dolphins with Travis Wingfield

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We all want some more time to bask in the Jets’ Week 1 domination of the Detroit Lions. A game is coming up this Sunday, however, and it is an important one as far as Week 2 games go.

The Jets are preparing for their home opener on a short week. It is against the division rival Miami Dolphins, who are also 1-0. The winner of this game will have a nice head start in the race for a Playoff spot in the AFC.

Today is Crossover Wednesday on the Locked On Podcast Network. Each Wednesday this year we will discuss the upcoming game with the host of the other team’s podcast. Joining us today is Travis Wingfield of the Locked on Dolphins podcast.

Travis and I discuss expectations for Ryan Tannehill, the players expected to carry the playmaking burden, the state of Miami’s offensive line, the defensive system, the quality of special teams, and the job Mike Tannenbaum is doing. We fit a lot of information into a short show.

If you want more on this game, tune into Locked on Dolphins where I visit today to offer the Jets perspective.