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Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel (September 5th-September 11th)

New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

My Prediction on the Season

riverside the great offers his opinion on how the season will turn out.

Mike Maccagnan as a GM - a closer look (relax it’s all good)

LAJET discusses the moves Maccagnan has made in the last few years as Jets GM.

How has Mike Maccagnan done? 2015

superhuman talks about the GM performance that won Maccagnan the 2015 Executive of the Year award.

What is different about the 2018 Jets instead of the Jets recent past?

riverside the great talks about Maccagnan’s recent successes.

Post-Week 1 2019 Wish List

Erik23 talks about what moves will make us a Super Bowl contender next year.

Top Comments:

On why changing schemes is not always a good idea:

I will never understand...

Coaches who come in and change the defensive scheme. If you have players set for a 4-3, why move to a 3-4? A prime example was Rex Ryan moving to Buffalo and screwing the defense up that had been solid the year before. You’d think a professional worth his salt could change schemes to best fit the players he has NOW. Same with zone vs. press coverage. Same actually goes for offense too. I realize people have their preferences, but as a coordinator or coach it’s not like you’re not constantly exposed to and forced to understand other schemes. Does anyone really believe a particular scheme is ever inherently “better” than another? Seems like the talent on your roster should dictate it over coaching preference.

- cult hero

On his current slump:

I’m 0 for 2 in making the highlight reel. (sobs)

-Michael Nania

On Maccagnan’s track record as GM:


Based on the early signs from Darnold. Darnold alone could push it to a B+ or A- within the year, but Mac’s next test should be what he trots out at O-line next year. I am hoping the failure to land Mack was due to a reluctance to part with draft picks needed to secure our franchise QB’s left tackle since UFA tackles usually suck. If Mac puts together a line that can protect Sam for the duration of his rent-controlled rookie deal, then it’s on Bowles to get the damn defense going. I’m sick of hearing about how we don’t have Lawrence Taylor coming off the edge. We’ve invested countless resources in the defense – Rex Ryan manufactured a pass rush with less – so ride the secondary and produce. If these all come together then we right there as the Pats descent begins.


On our current GM and Coach:


I think Maccagnan and Bowles are doing a pretty good job for this team. Both are certainly upgrades over what we’ve had in recent memory. In terms of head coaches, I mean much as I loved Rex Ryan, his act grew tiresome. He had no discipline and lost the team. We were seen as a clown act in NYC in the last couple of years of his tenure. And his skills as a DC were really over rated. our defense starting to deteriorate during his tenure. And then he took a great Bills defense and turned them into a less than pedestrian outfit. And his bringing in Rob as the DC made his last year in Buffalo a joke. Prior to him, Mangini did the worst impression of Belichick there ever was and now he’s out of football. In terms of GMs, Mac’s a big upgrade over Idzik and Trader Mike. Idzik – do I even have to explain? Not only was he terrible GM, he turned One Jets Drive into a paranoid and toxic work environment. And trader Mike? He turned the Jets into a cap space nightmare and he’s doing just as bad a job down in Miami. I think we’re pretty lucky we’ve got two steady, even keeled guys in the organization now. Bowles took a team that no one thought would win any games last year and made them competitive. I think with the defensive additions we made off season, we’ll be a better team for it. And based on the data regarding Mac and the last few drafts we’re trending in a positive direction. Let’s see how the team develops this year. If the team falls apart and doesn’t deliver this year, then you’re probably right. But I’ve got a weird, tingly feeling we’re going to be better than a lot of the NFL analysts think we’re going to be! Hopefully we’ll have something to be thrilled about Tuesday morning.


On the Jets upgrades this past year:

Listing the changes since last year, looks like nice improvements

Changes from last year: Darnold/McCown vs McCown/Petty/Hack – big upgrade Tru Johnson vs Burris? – Huge upgrade Shepherd/Andeson vs Wilkerson – almost an upgrade if shepherd does nothing, but could be a big upgrade Q Enunwa vs kerley/stewart? – Giant upgrade with the return of enunwa Pryor vs Hansen – Should be a big upgrade Leggett/Herndon/etc vs asj – a wash? Long vs W Johnson – Should be a big upgrade Crowell vs the glacier – should be a nice upgrade Williamson vs Davis – a wash? kicker – whoever we have – probably a downgrade vs 2017 Strength of schedule – 2018: 25th strongest vs 2017: 7th strongest – should be more winnable games Did I miss any major downgrades? We had some lucky wins last year, so those might not break our way, but we should be significantly upgraded from 2017 and I can see us crossing to 8 or 9 wins given our schedule.


On the true value of Trumaine Johnson and Attaouchu

So, our defense’s nickname would be the Tru-Chu Train?


On some of the rule changes:

The NFL screwed up massively with how it interpreted the catch rule over several years. To the point that it is now a cliche to say “I don’t even know what a catch is anymore”. Because of the NFL’s mishandling of the catch rule, now any time a rule changes that involves subjectivity, fans are hypersensitive to it being called inconsistently. My personal take is that the helmet rule is not that big of a deal. Will it always be called how I like? No, but neither are holding, pass interference, or roughing the passer penalties. It really isn’t any different than how fouls are called in basketball or soccer, both of which often involve bang-bang calls where officials are not always in a perfect position to make a good call. That’s sports. The fumble-out-of-the-endzone-turnover rule is just weird because it results in a change of possession that massively benefits the defense, for no good reason. There is no logical reason why if you are on the 5 yard line and you fumble the ball out of bounds you get the ball back, but if it bounces forwards and goes through the endzone then it is a turnover. That’s just weird.


On our efforts to fix the pass rush:

First attachou, now Luvu?! Somehow Mac managed to solve our pass rushing woes just in time for week 1! Mac for General Manager of the year!


On the most complete game we’ve had in ages:

1. Pick sixes. Special teams scores. Competent QB play. How in the world did the Jets — these Jets — pull this off? During Gang Green’s total-football onslaught in the third quarter, when the Jets scored touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams in the span of 156 seconds and racked up 31 points total, it felt like the world had flipped on its axis, that all that was true was now false and all that was known was now myth. This was a new world.


On our huge win:

Big win for the franchise

I’m going to temper my expectations as 1 game isn’t going to tell all on how darnold career will go. However, the dude looked legit. He extended plays with his legs. He bounced back after as bad of a start as you can have to a game. He fit the ball into tight windows. Awesome win for a 21 year old on the road, in a dome, for his first start. I’m giving an A+ to both Bowles and macc. Bowles had such a different approach than we are used to. He was aggressive. We took shots on offense. We blitzed like crazy. We had a toughness on defense that I haven’t seen since the bart Scott days. Macc added Anderson,Williamson, nickerson, and Crowell that brought toughness to both sides of the ball. It’s one game but it was a hell of a game. The only spot I saw as a negative was our LT spot, as he looked to get beat a few times.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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