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Jets defenders say they knew Lions plays before the ball was snapped during Week 1 victory

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets only allowed 10 points on defense in their Week 1 victory over the Lions. It sounds like preparation might have played a role.

Sometimes study leading up to a game plays a role in victory, and that might have been the case for the Jets in Week 1. I still give the players more credit for executing. Just because a defense knows what is coming does not necessarily mean it will stop the play. Plays on this level are built to create and exploit the weaknesses in defenses. The Jets were operating at a high level after the snap last night, and that is the biggest reason they won the game.

Still, a hat tip goes to the coaching staff and the players for their work in the film room in their preparation for Week 1. Getting that type of head start before the snap certainly does not hurt.