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2018 New York Jets Coverage Stats: Preseason Week 4

Michael Nania closes out the preseason coverage series

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to my 2018 Jets Coverage Stats series, where I go through each Jets game and assign responsibility in coverage! Pass coverage is one of the many phases of the game in which statistics are not readily available to aid in analysis. Of course, stats have never and will never tell the entire story. However, they always do a tremendous job of telling a huge part of it and are just another tool that can be used to help evaluate properly without bias or going simply off of obscured memory.

With that, let’s dive into preseason Week 4, as the Jets took on the Eagles in the annual Scrub Bowl.

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  • The coverage numbers include only legitimate targets into the general area of a receiver/defender; throws in which a defender in coverage was directly involved in the outcome. Throwaways and deflections at the line are excluded.
  • The stats for each individual are that of the quarterback’s passing numbers when targeting the individual’s matchup. A player could have an interception to his coverage credit even if the interception itself was made by a teammate. For example, if Trumaine Johnson tips a pass targeted in his direction and Morris Claiborne comes up with the interception, I would credit Johnson in my charting.
  • “Miscues” (M) are included in charting to attempt to knock defenders who benefited from an egregious error by the offense (drop, horrible throw). A defender can still register an interception or incompletion to his credit on a miscued play.
  • I charted penalties in the offseason series reviewing 2017 but will not be charting penalties for preseason since the game is being called a bit differently right now to set the tone for some new rules. I will bring them back as a category for the regular season.

Here are the individual numbers charted by the Jets against the Eagles this past week. A glossary is available at the bottom of the chart.

Some notes from me:

  • Parry Nickerson debuted. Statistically, a marvelous performance on the stat sheet. 5 targets, 1 catch, 1 first down, 7 yards.

However, I think it was up and down for Nickerson. On the plus side, his speed is very apparent, as most notably flashed on this sack as a free blitzer:

He also did a good job contesting one errant throw downfield. However, I think Nickerson was a bit slow to react on a couple of plays in zone coverage. In man, he allowed ample separation for a potential first down catch coming back to the quarterback on an extended play, but pressure forced the incompletion credit. Nickerson’s one “miscue” tag was on a blatant drop in which Nickerson bumped into his own teammate as he couldn’t get under a pick and allowed what should have been a 20+ yard pickup on an underneath route.

He certainly flashed and should make the Week 1 roster, though. I’m excited to watch him develop.

  • Derrick Jones returned and flashed in ways good and bad. He did allow two first downs, but both were very good catches that Jones contested - ant those two firsts were only for a combined 19 yards with no YAC.

On the plus side, Jones took advantage of a terribly underthrown Joe Callahan downfield pass to make a very athletic interception. He also made a great tackle underneath on a running back for a 1-yard gain, and forced a couple of incompletions with tight coverage down the sideline. Quite the impressive preseason for him.

  • Derrick Jones and Rashard Robinson combined for 20 targets this preseason, allowing only 9 completions, 3 first downs, and 64 yards (3.2 per target) while allowing no touchdowns, collecting one pick, and totaling 4 passes defended. Quite the promising preseason for these two young outside corners.
  • The Jets allowed their first touchdown on defense in the closing minute of the preseason. Ironically, the man responsible was one of their best defensive players throughout the month of August, Neville Hewitt. Including the touchdown he allowed to Matt Jones in the flat, Hewitt allowed 3 first downs in this game, equal to his total in the first three games combined.

Here is how the Jets stacked up individually throughout all four preseason games.

Thoughts on how the Jets performed in coverage throughout the preseason? Any suggestions for the coverage series? Let me know!