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Jets fans must now use mobile tickets to enter MetLife Stadium for games

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As a public service announcement, the NFL has a new policy this year.

Mobile tickets are now the method fans can use to enter games at MetLife Stadium. Printable PDF tickets are no longer being distributed.

Here are instructions:

1. To access your tickets, download the Jets Official Mobile App

2. Tap “Tickets” in the navigation and then tap on “Access My Tickets”

3. Login, select your event, and either add your tickets to your Apple wallet or Google Pay wallet, or view barcode to display your ticket

Season ticket holders may still use their Jets Rewards Card for entry to the stadium and purchases. For this season, ticket holders can also access their Jets Reward Card through the team’s mobile app. The virtual card functions exactly like the physical card and can be used for event entry and Jets Cash. To access your virtual Jets Rewards Card, download the Jets Official Mobile App for iOS or Android.

1. Open and tap “Rewards” on the lower navigation bar

2. Login using the email address and password associated with your New York Jets Account. You will remain logged in after accessing for the first time

3. Tap on the “Jets Rewards Virtual Card” to view your seats for the upcoming event

4. To view additional seats to the event, swipe left

To transfer tickets within the mobile app:

1. Select “Manage Tickets” on the bottom center your card

2. Select the event you are choosing to manage

3. In the lower left-hand corner, tap “Send”

4. Select the ticket you would like to transfer and tap the button in the lower right-hand corner to send

5. Enter your guests contact info via text or email and send the link

To manage Jets Cash on the app:

1. Within the Rewards section of the app, tap “Jets Cash” in the upper navigation

2. From there, you can view transactions, load and manage Jets Cash, or transfer money between Jets Rewards Cards

You can read FAQs here on the team’s official website. For questions, contact a New York Jets Representative at 800-469-JETS or email