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Sam Darnold has an up and down day at Jets training camp

NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday’s practice for Sam Darnold at Jets training camp wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t terrible either. There were positives and negatives to take from the day.

The good came from Darnold’s work in the red zone. He was clearly the best of the three Jets quarterbacks in scoring range, throwing for 5 touchdowns on plays originating from there.

Outside of the red zone, Darnold was inconsistent and erratic. He missed on a number of throws, throwing a pair of interceptions on errant deep balls. Morris Claiborne had a third interception on an underthrown out route but was ruled out of bounds. There were a few other dangerous throws mixed in.

Bridgewater threw a pair of interceptions himself on Tuesday.

Who stood out at Jets practice?

J.J. Wilcox: The backup safety had both interceptions off Darnold.

Brandon Bryant: The undrafted free agent pickup had a pair of tackles in space in goal line drills to prevent touchdowns and recorded a sack.

Terrelle Pryor: Pryor caught one of Darnold’s touchdown passes. It was a one-handed circus catch. He also made a beautiful grab on a contested deep ball on the sideline. He was unable to get both feet in, but that was because the ball was a little underthrown and floated. Those were still two of the day’s best catches.