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Wolford, Leggett, Hansen get a chance to state their case: Jets vs. Eagles offensive snap totals

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s take a look at offensive snap totals from last night’s preseason finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rookie quarterback John Wolford got most of the work. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by that. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to expose your top two quarterbacks to hits. It is just Wolford arrived with the team this week and presumably didn’t know much of the playbook. It was a struggle for the Wake Forest product.

Other Jets to get extensive playing time on offense were bubble players Chad Hansen and Jordan Leggett. It isn’t clear that they took advantage of their respective opportunities so now they must wait to find out whether they will be on the 53 man roster for this team in 2018.

Full offensive snap totals for the Jets in the 2018 preseason finale are listed below for your viewing pleasure in the graphic below.