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Jets podcast: Preseason ends with a loss

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 2018 preseason has ended for the Jets, and it has ended on a poor note. New York lost its finale last night to the Philadelphia Eagles 10-9. It was not a particularly elegant end to a 1-3 preseason. The Jets defense gave up its only touchdown of the preseason on its final drive to lose the game.

We didn’t see many prominent players even take a snap in this one. This helped contribute to the low overall quality of play this game saw. This was a game that provided a strong case for people who want to shorten the preseason.

On today’s podcast I do my best to try and provide some sort of breakdown. It isn’t easy, though. We will discuss a few decent performances, the implications for a few roster battles, and a standard Christian Hackenberg preseason meltdown, albeit one for a different team. Then the attention turns to the upcoming cutdown day and the processes at play.