Post preseason QB breakdowns

Well, at least while starters are actually playing.

It is a common saying that "If you have two quarterbacks, you have none." Basically, if you don't have one good enough to stand out, both are garbage. In our case, we actually might have 3 quarterbacks. Again, none of them have stood out, so I can't say this position is even going to be above average. We simply have 3 quarterbacks that wouldn't be an embarrassment to start.

  • McCown - We know what the man is. Extrapolating for 16 games last year he finishes 12th in passing yards, 14th in Yards/attempt, 12th in TDs, 15th in interceptions. By all accounts, he had a barely above average season and maybe his best ever. More than likely, a full 2018 season would put him squarely average or below average but not putrid like he has been his whole career.
  • Teddy - The big question.... Can Bridgewater be a pure pocket passer without a threat of running? My answer is "that's not the question to ask!"
    Teddy wasn't a runner. He wasn't a scrambler, a threat on his feet, or something you truly had to gameplan around. Hell, Rodgers and Luck both run 50% more than he does. The mobile QB does NOT fit a description of Teddy. The real question should be... Does Teddy improve at all after 2 years off. Teddy was more of a top end "game manager" his two good years.
    Solidly top 10 in completion percentage, which is HUGE for a rookie/sophomore. His interceptions were bottom barrel his rookie year. His sophomore year was a good improvement to average. His yards per attempt were also average. So, what do we look for this preseason from Teddy. Well, not being scared with his new, and what I assume to be robotic, knee. A simple eye test shows he passed that. Then, it's looking at his completions to make sure they are what they used to be, and not throwing interceptions.
    This preseason, Teddy honestly tore it up. 28 for 38. That is an ungodly 73.7%. I don't care if it's preseason, that clears the highest expectations you can have when throwing the ball to zero great receivers, in your first few weeks with them where timing is an issue, and against actual defenders even if some are backups. 73.7% is downright amazing. Small sample size, but amazing. He also through for 8.3 yards/attempt. Also, very good. Further, he did it EVENLY. Meaning he didn't have one blow up game. He through for 7, 8.4, and 10.6 (half the throws here), yards per attempt in each game. 1 interception in his 38 throws. Which is honestly not a great statistic to use. I would only look at INTs if he threw for 3+ and mark it as relevant in a bad way.
    I firmly believe, if Teddy starts a full season anywhere, he is once right back where he left off. That would be a real solid completion percentage, a passable TD number (talking 18-25), and a higher than wanted but not putrid INT number (8-12).
  • Sam effin Darnold - As far as rookies go, this guy passes the eye test with flying colors. Just completely calm, moving correctly, commands the field well. He looks damn promising. 29 for 45 is a good 64.4%. Most of the time with the starters. And even when not, his receivers weren't starters either. Again, same applies with timing issues of only a couple weeks playing with these dudes. I do also remember more drops from guys who won't be playing much versus bad throws for incomplete.
    His yards per attempt however, was a rough 5.4. Could be game planning and play calling and making sure to keep things simple for the 21 year old. Could also be his decision making. A lot of check downs because the OL was abysmal. The only thing is Teddy riiiipppped him up in the area under similar circumstances. I would have liked to see more yards per attempt.
    1 interception which this time has statistical relevance. Because Rookie QBs get eaten alive their first times under the big lights. I'm super happy this number is less than 3.
So, after that break down, the Jets seem to have 3 moderate QBs. So, what do we do? Depends on how you look at things. If you honestly think we have a shot at playoffs, you start Teddy. He did so so so well. And outperformed Sam in every category. If you think we are an average team at best, I'd say start Darnold. Get him in there. Get better. If you think this OL is absolutely putrid and the QB is going to get smashed every game on our way to a 5 win season, you start McCown. No need to get others hurt. We didn't actually do awful in the sacks given up department (2.3 a game is about average). But we all can see there was a pressure issue. Sam dealt with it great which is a huge bonus.

Me personally. I'm going with Teddy. The first 6 games are near as cupcake as you can realistically ask for. I'd say 3 games are challenging in Lions, Colts, Jags. But they're not insanely tough. The other 3 games, are won by good teams. Which i don't know if we are yet. If after those 6 games we are .500 or below, i'm switching it to Sam. We finish the season Bills, Pats, Titans, Bills, Texans, Packers, Pats. That's rough. Especially if DeShaun is healthy along with JJ. Going into that stretch, I'd say we need 6 wins minimum, preferably 7. Teddy i think can get us there in those first 9 games.

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