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Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 42 Thomas Hennessy

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots
Can you believe a picture of Hennessy exists?
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jets roster countdown now takes a look at Thomas Hennessy.

Name: Thomas Hennessy

Number: 42

Year with Jets: 2nd

Projected Role: Long snapper

His 2017: The Jets made a rare trade for a long snapper near the end of preseason, sending reserve safety Ronald Martin to the Colts for Hennessy. The team ended up keeping Hennessy over long-time long snapper Tanner Purdum. In a rare explanation of the team’s thinking to the media, Bowles explained that Hennessy was better at getting down the field to cover punts. The long snapper’s performance in his first season with the Jets was solid.

2018 will be a success if: Hennessy has zero bad snaps on the season. It is that simple. That is the goal for any long snapper. You only hear their name when they do poorly. A successful season is one of anonymity.

Odds of making the roster: He can’t be a total lock. A year ago everybody assumed Purdum would stick around, and the Jets traded for Hennessy out of nowhere. With that said, it seems likely he will be back. There isn’t much of a rationale for a trade based on his performance. He is Probable (75-99%).