5 Last Minute Preseason Trades That Can Improve Jets Chances of Playoffs

Here are 5 trades that seem like they could help both us and our trade partners become better teams. If I was Macc, this is what I'd be thinking of doing trade wise.

5. TE Clive Walford to the LA Chargers for LT/RT Sam Tevi - Our biggest need right now is OL, this is the main position likely to keep us out of playoffs. The Chargers quietly beefed up their OL the past few drafts. Tevi, a 2017 6th round pick is their swing tackle and actually started at left tackle for the Chargers against the Jets. We can really use a reliable young player to add depth to the left tackle position should Beachum go down again mid season. He immediately become our swing allowing the coaches to cut Ijalina and Qvale for good, plus at just 23, he has a chance of growing into being our left tackle. The Chargers lost their promising young TE Hunter Henry and could use a good receiving tight end option for Rivers this year. I say we call up the Chargers and give them the former starting tight end of their division rival who can start and be productive this year, then can slide into the backup role when Henry returns.

4. FS/SS JJ Wilcox to Houston Texans for C Greg Mancz - Their former starting center now the backup to their 2016 2nd round pick Nick Martin. Mancz is a good center, he could start for us, then we can kick Long over to Left Guard where he plays better. The Texans can plug in a solid starting caliber safety to join Tyrann Mathieu and solidify their defensive backfield

3. ILB Darron Lee to Indianapolis Colts for a 5th round pick - I don't think the Colts have a player to offer us that would help much, but I think this improves our team because it'll help our coaches easier process whose really playing into the role at ILB. I think there are 4 ILBs that are better today than Lee is on the depth chart. Avery Williamson can be the main guy and Pierre Louis, Hewitt and Minter can rotate in and out of 2nd spot. I read so many articles about how Lee was going to lead this defense, but seemed like he was the worst player on the field. It's worrysome that we're ready to give someone who can't hold their own consistently a leadership role and can be detrimental to team chemistry if we start losing. He should try a fresh start on a 4-3 team desperate for outside backers, he could immediately become a decent to good starter for them in the position he was supposed to play. Worst case scenario Indy spent a 5th rounder on quality depth which they also need.

2. WR Jermaine Kearse to Jacksonville Jaguars for OLB Dante Fowler Jr - I feel like Bridgewater for Fowler is crazytalk. Bridgewater is looking like a franchise QB, we mine as well hold onto him and get a King's Ransom once that fact is unanimously proven. The only weak spot on Jacksonville outside of Blake Bortles is the top of the receiver depth chart. There are a lot of young high potential players that can really benefit from Jermaine Kearse's leadership. Kears also caught 810 yards. I'd probably equate that to Fowler's 8 sacks last year, of course Fowler is a lot younger a premium pick but throw in the red flags he's shown so far between injuries and character concerns and that evens out this trade. We trade consistency at WR for a boom/bust hope at EDGE rusher.

1. QB Teddy Bridgewater and a 6th round pick to Pittsburgh Steelers for RB Leveon Bell and a 4th round pick - Let's face it, it's more likely than not Big Ben will get injured at some point this season, it feels like he goes down for a few weeks. They did just draft Rudolph but let's face it, he's no Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy can come in and likely replace Big Ben for good by the end of the season and be the franchise QB for the Steelers for the next 10 years. Leveon Bell will bolster the offense to make Sam's first 3-4 years an even smoother transition than it seems to be now. The Steelers still seem to be running the ball well with John Connor the 2nd year player they drafted out of Pitt. The Jets have the cash, let NY pay Bell his contract and give Pittsburgh their next franchise QB in return. Seems pretty fair.

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