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Jets podcast: The case for Sam Darnold

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The starting quarterback competition has been the hot topic of debate in the Jets fanbase over the last couple of weeks. After years of the fanbase arguing about which of two mediocre quarterbacks is less bad, it has been refreshing to discuss the merits of two options with talent who have played effectively in training camp and the preseason.

I haven’t really had a strong opinion either way to this point, but as I have followed the debate one thing has struck me in the last few days. I have come to believe the people arguing for Sam Darnold to start have made a stronger argument than the people arguing for Teddy Bridgewater to start. That is the topic of today’s podcast.

It isn’t like I’ll be irate in the unlikely event Bridgewater is named the Week 1 starter. But I do talk about why Darnold looks like the better option to me.