Jets 53 player depth chart before 3rd pre season game

Here's my 53 man roster. I think certain positions are more competitive and solid than others. For instance I don't think the OL is in any worse shape if we kept it thin and let Ijanlina, Dozier and Qvale walk in favor of keeping an extra RB, TE, or WR if those are really tight races. I'd rather keep some new OL guys on our practice squad and focus on their development while we play our starters. If we have enough injuries we can either dress them or sign a free agent who may be more ready at that point.

QB (3) - Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Josh McCown - Teddy gets the nod if things keep going the way they are. I love Sam but think Teddy's more ready and experienced to deal with our OL. Plus we will really raise his trade price is he starts and gets us wins in beginning of season. If a team's QB goes down, they'd have to trade the house once they see Teddy can be a franchise QB.

RB (4) - Isaiah Crowell, Bilal Powell, Eli McGuire (INJ), Trenton Cannon (INJ) - No surprises here, we keep Atkinson until Cannon and/or McGuire comes back. Due to injuries we've already seen in preseason, I think the Jets should keep 4 RBs this season

FB (1) - Lawrence Thomas

WR (7) - Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, Jermaine Kearse, Terrelle Pryor, Chad Hansen, Charles Johnson, Andre Roberts- The top 4 go without saying, Chad Hansen generated buzz, hasn't shown too much yet for all of us but would be willing to give him one more chance. Stewart is on PS, doubt we'll have much FOMO if picked up by other team. Andre Roberts on team for special teams. Charles Johnson makes the team since he has shown consistency in pre season and has chemistry with Teddy Bridgewater.

TE (4) - Clive Walford, Chris Herndon, Neal Sterling, Eric Tomlinson - Seems as though Clive Walford and Neal Sterling has outshined everyone so you need to keep them. Tomlinson can be kept for special teams and as an inline blocking tight end. Herndon will be brought along, hasn't shown much yet but the team seems to love him. Leggett is on the PS

LT (1) - Kelvin Beachum, Ben Braden (RT) - What's the point of keeping Qvale or Ijalina? Let's at least keep the 2nd year player, Garcia on our PS and let him get used to the system and see how he pans out, even if he doesn't look great yet. I'd prefer that over keeping proven mediocrity. I'd rather trade or pickup a better backup if the situation presents itself

LG (1) - James Carpenter, Jonnothan Harrison (C) - We really need to find an upgrade after Harrison's 2nd preseason game. But for now, we should keep until a better option presents itself. Plus in a nightmare scenario where both Centers go down, he can move over.

C (2) - Spencer Long, Jonnothan Harrison- We get 2 centers with starting experience and continue to try to eliminate mistakes from Harrison.

RG (1) - Brian Winters, Ben Braden (RT) - How many bodies do we need? That's all we seem to have in depth, bodies. Not quality players, I'm sure we'd be able to find someone as good or better than Dozier, Qvale or whoever if we have so many injuries that we need Braden in both spots. I rather keep an extra, better quality player barely on the line at another position like WR or RB than keep a bunch of players we know will never be starters on the OL.

RT (2) - Brandon Shell, Ben Braden - I feel strongest about this group. Ben Braden has looked like he can grow into a decent RT, let's hold onto him.

DE (5) - Leonard Williams, Nathan Shepard, Henry Anderson, Folorunso Fatukasi, Xavier Cooper - Keep the rookies and the vets who have shown something.

DT (2) - Steve McClendon, Mike Pennel - We can always move Cooper or Foley inside on certain package if need be

OLB (4) - Jordan Jenkins, Josh Martin, David Bass, Dylan Donahue (SUSP) - Was very impressed with Jenkins in preseason game #2, had a sack some qb hits and pressures. Seems like his pass rushing ability is turning a corner from the limited action we saw of him. Kevin Greene says Martin is his best pass rusher so I'll take his word for it there with the other starting spot. Bass and Donahue have shown some flash but Donahue is probably suspended for the first few weeks. Luvu did draw penalties but mostly roughing the passer, I liked his passion, I'd keep him in Donahue's absence and work on polishing his game and keeping his fire strong but aiming it in the right places. Once Donahue comes back Luvu is on PS

ILB (4) - Avery Williamson, Neville Hewitt, Darron Lee, Kevin Minter - I think Lee has played himself out of the starting spot and Hewitt has played himself in. Maybe we can still utilize Lee as a situational pass rusher in certain packages as well as a backup linebacker. Maybe being benched is what he needs to get his s-t together. Minter is veteran insurance with experience in Bowles defense in case Lee totally doesn't work out. A very good body to have

CB (5) - Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne, Buster Skrine, Parry Nickerson, Derrick Jones - CBs 1-3 have already proven themselves and solidified their spot. Parry and Derrick have shown a bunch of flash and deserve spots. Darryl Roberts hasn't looked good in preseason so he's gone. I think Clark deserves a shot as at least a developmental CB, so he's the next man up off PS if there are any injuries, since the other backups haven't shown well and we barely know anything about Clark.

SS (2) - Jamal Adams, JJ Wilcox - Adams obviously the face and captain of the defense. His backup can play both roles and has starting experience. Brandon Bryant will be on PS unless he shows something in the next pre season game

FS (2) - Marcus Maye, Doug Middleton - Maye will be the starter with Middleton as the backup, you've got to reward Middleton for playing his way onto the 53 in pre season.

K (1) - Cairo Santos - I'm a Texas A&M alumni and hated Bertolet in school. We called him Bertoilet. He missed many kicks back in the day. His missed kicks were the difference in the Florida game and a momentum shift in the LSU game which kept us out of the national title game in 2012, the year Johnny Manziel won the heisman back when we were smart enough to keep him out of the media. I'm still pretty salty with Bertolet over that and don't want him near my professional team.

P (1) - Lachlan Edwards

LS (1) - Thomas Hennessy

Practice Squad (10) - Brandon Bryant, Ardarius Stewart, George Atkinson, Frankie Luvu, Jeremy Clark, Antonio Garcia, Dmitri Flowers, Dakoda Shepley, Jordan Leggett, Anthony Wint

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