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Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 58 Darron Lee

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jets roster countdown now moves to Darron Lee.

Name: Darron Lee

Number: 58

Year with Jets: 3rd

Projected Role: Starting inside linebacker and quarterback of the defense

His 2017: Lee had some stretches of strong play, particularly near the middle of the season and made some impact plays. With that said, there was a lot of inconsistency in his performance. His rookie tendency to fill the wrong gaps and overrun plays lingered. Most troubling, he was one of the most victimized linebackers in the league in coverage. The Jets drafted him two years ago in no small part because they hoped he could channel his speed into becoming a quality cover guy.

2018 will be a success if: Lee develops into a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker. While I understand this is a lofty goal, the fact of the matter is high expectations follow first round picks. The way this team is constructed, the Jets need Lee to be an impact player and a high end cover linebacker. He now is comfortable enough in the system that Todd Bowles is giving him greater responsibilities in making the calls, and he isn’t new to the linebacker position anymore. It is probably now or never.

Odds of making the roster: Lee is obviously going to be on the team. He is a Lock (>99%).