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Jets vs. Falcons: Five Bold Predictions

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Welcome to the pre-season Bold Predictions, 2018 edition. Disclaimer: A Bold Prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold Predictions are blind guesses that are laughably optimistic beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be virtually impossible. Saying that Leonard Williams will get a sack is not a Bold Prediction, nor is saying that Bilal Powell will run for 650 yards. By definition, Bold Predictions are unlikely, but not impossible, to occur. Since this is a Jets site, they are also pro-Jets predictions. As always, the Final Score prediction is meant to be realistic, not a Bold Prediction.

2018 brings us a Jets team brimming with hope and optimism for the first time in a long time, and a brand new opportunity for me to get things completely wrong.

Here are my five Bold Predictions for tonight’s game:

1. The Jets will sack Atlanta quarterbacks 5 or more times.

2. The Jets will double the Falcons in generating defensive turnovers.

3. Trenton Cannon will lead the Jets in rushing yards, receiving yards, receptions, and return yards.

4. Sam Darnold will end the game with a better passer rating than any Atlanta quarterback.

5. Neal Sterling will have the best game of all Jets tight ends.

And a bonus prediction: the Jets will hit a field goal of 55 or more yards.

Final Score: What the heck, final scores in pre-season games are meaningless, so let’s go with a big fat meaningless Jets victory. Jets 31, Falcons 17.