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Falcons at Jets First Half Thread

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets will kick off their 2018 season with an exhibition matchup at home with the Atlanta Falcons.

The last time the Jets played the Falcons in the preseason at MetLife Stadium, they won the game 30-22 and went on to win 10 games in the regular season. So, there’s that.

Reports seem to be that Josh McCown will get an early series and the rest of the game will go to Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold. It sounds a lot like last year’s rotation. Todd Bowles allowed Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg all the playing time in the world to seize the starting spot. Neither took advantage. Will Darnold? He will absolutely get the same chances those two got, and then some.

Anyway, here is your first half thread! Let’s all be nice to each other, and remember, no posting links to any illegal streams or websites!

Football is back, everyone!