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Jets roster for preseason game vs. Falcons

NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

During the NFL regular season, teams are only allowed to have 53 players on their active roster, and only 46 of these players may be active for a game. In the preseason the numbers balloon. Teams have 90 player on their roster, and all 90 can play.

The later the Jets get into their preseason opener against the Falcons tonight, the deeper into the depth chart the team will go.

Especially as we get into the second half, you probably will see some unfamiliar numbers on the field.

To help you along, I am putting up the Jets’ roster for the game. You might open this up in your browser or your mobile device after the starters leave for quick reference if you want to put a name to somebody in an unfamiliar number making a play.

But this chart isn’t just informative. It also looks great. So enjoy its beauty as you watch the game.


Number Last First Position
Number Last First Position
1 Pryor Terrelle WR
3 Roberts Andre WR
4 Edwards Lachlan P
5 Bridgewater Teddy QB
6 Bertolet Taylor K
7 McBride Tre WR
8 Santos Cairo K
9 Trinnaman Jonah WR
10 Kearse Jermaine WR
11 Anderson Robby WR
14 Darnold Sam QB
15 McCown Josh QB
16 Hansen Chad WR
17 Peake Charone WR
18 Stewart ArDarius WR
20 Crowell Isaiah RB
21 Claiborne Morris CB
22 Johnson Trumaine CB
23 Brooks Terrence S
25 McGuire Elijah RB
26 Maye Marcus S
27 Roberts Darryl CB
29 Powell Bilal RB
30 Rawls Thomas RB
30 Robinson Rashard CB
31 Jones Derrick CB
32 Burris Juston CB
33 Adams Jamal S
34 Atkinson George RB
34 Clark Jeremy CB
35 Sinkfield Terrell CB
36 Middleton Doug S
37 Wilcox J.J. S
38 Coleman Xavier CB
38 Flowers Dimitri FB
39 Rodgers Kacy S
40 Bryant Brandon S
40 Cannon Trenton RB
41 Skrine Buster CB
42 Hennessy Thomas LS
43 Nickerson Parry CB
44 Thomas Lawrence FB
46 Hewitt Neville LB
47 Bass David LB
48 Jenkins Jordan LB
49 Donahue Dylan LB
51 Copeland Brandon LB
52 Wint Anthony LB
53 Minter Kevin LB
54 Williamson Avery LB
55 Mauldin Lorenzo LB
56 Pierre-Louis Kevin LB
57 Gwacham Obum LB
58 Lee Darron LB
59 Luvu Frankie LB
60 Balducci Alex G
61 Long Spencer C
62 Garcia Antonio T
63 Golson Austin OL
64 Swanson Travis C
65 Shepley Dakoda G
66 Thomas Mych DL
67 Winters Brian G
68 Beachum Kelvin T
69 Braden Ben OL
70 Dozier Dakota G
71 Ijalana Ben T
72 Shell Brandon T
75 Cooper Xavier DL
76 James Darius T
77 Carpenter James G
78 Harrison Jonotthan OL
79 Qvale Brent OL
81 Enunwa Quincy WR
82 Whitehead Lucky WR
83 Tomlinson Eric TE
85 Sterling Neal TE
86 Leggett Jordan TE
87 Walford Clive TE
88 Johnson Charles WR
89 Herndon Chris TE
91 Reyes Kendall DL
92 Williams Leonard DL
93 Simon Deon DL
94 Fatukasi Folorunso DL
95 Martin Josh LB
96 Anderson Henry DL
97 Shepherd Nathan DL
98 Pennel Mike DL
99 McLendon Steve DL