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Jets training camp news and live updates 7/30

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NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Today is day four of Jets training camp practice.

There is some very good news for Jets fans as Sam Darnold and the Jets have reportedly reached an agreement to end the holdout of the third overall pick. It sounds as though Darnold will make his training camp debut today, mercifully bringing this stressful, irritating, and unnecessary saga to an end.

All eyes will be on Darnold as he takes the field. After missing three practices, he will be a bit behind the learning curve but probably not enough to materially affect his chances of winning the starting job. Today he will try to take the first step.

Now the fun can actually begin.

Being around the GGN Twitter widget is always fun. The widget is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. It will refresh automatically to provide live updates from what is happening on the practice field today along with media comments.