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Todd Bowles talks about Darron Lee’s role on the defense

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Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With most of the focus on Sam Darnold, it is easy to lose track of the fact training camp is underway for the Jets this year. A few early reports suggest third year linebacker Darron Lee is off to a strong start in camp. Todd Bowles spoke about his role on the defense and the importance this season has for him.

On Darron Lee’s overall growth...

He is always been a good athlete. Darron can run and move all day, it is just his maturity of the game that’s taken place and the game slowing down for him, so he’s playing faster.

On how big of a season it is for Lee...

It is a big season for everybody, it is not just Darron, he’s not an individual that needs a great season, we need a great season as a team, as a defense, as an offense and as special teams. So, we don’t look at individual performance, but he’s in shape every year. It is his third year; the game should slow down for him and he should play faster.

On how Lee looks since taking on the addition of play calling...

He is fine with the play calling. It goes back and forth between Darron and Avery Williamson and we have other guys that call it depending on the defensive package. We put that burden on a lot of people. He did a little bit of it last year as well, so it’s not like it is his first time.

It’s a pretty surprising development that Bowles actually gave us something informative. We now know the “quarterback of the defense” role is split between Lee and Williamson.

I think this is a make or break year for Lee. His first two seasons were disappointing. If it doesn’t happen in year three, it probably never will.