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Jets work out free agent running backs

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost running back Elijah McGuire for an extended period to a broken foot early in training camp. Seeking to replace McGuire, the team brought in multiple free agent running backs for visits.

Morris has spent his six year career with Washington and Dallas. He did post that robust 4.8 average last year with the Cowboys, but it is worth noting that he did that behind the excellent Dallas offensive line. He does have a lot of experience in zone based run games and put together the two best seasons of his career in Mike Shanahan’s offense, which is similar to the one the Jets will run.

Dakrwa spent most of his career with the Giants after a brief stint with Miami as a rookie. He ran for 751 yards last season.

Green spent his rookie season of 2017 with the Lions. He ran for 165 yards and 2 touchdown on 42 carries.