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Rapoport: Sam Darnold’s holdout is due to disagreement with Jets over voiding guarantees

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NFL: New York Jets-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple reports have indicated Jets quarterback Sam Darnold’s holdout is due to a dispute over whether offsets will be included in his rookie contract. Ian Rapoport says this is not the case. Rapoport stated the disagreement is actually about language detailing how guarantees in the contract would potentially void.

We don’t know the exact details at this time. As I have said with the offsets, however, I think it is very difficult to believe any of this is worth a major battle for the Jets. It comes back to the same issue. The Jets have invested their entire future in Darnold. There is no way for the team to hedge its bets in case things do not work not. No clause they negotiate would be able to undo the harm.

The team needs to get Darnold into camp. This contract should have been done a long time ago, and the rookie is now two days behind.