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Report: Sam Darnold contract impasse due to offsets

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NFL: New York Jets-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Cimini provides some details on what is holding up Sam Darnold’s contract.

Darnold’s agent is seeking a contract with no offsets, which would allow him to receive his Jets salary and get paid by another team if the Jets cut him. It’s called “double dipping.” The Jets want an offset because it would provide some financial protection.

If you study NFL contract negotiations, you probably could have figured this out since there aren’t many aspects of rookie contracts that need to be negotiated.

For the record, I think the Jets would be playing this foolishly if they allow Darnold to miss any practice time in training camp over this issue. You have to pick your battles in negotiations. This is not a battle worth fighting.

You had so much confidence in this player that you traded four Draft picks to land him. Your CEO predicted that adding this player would be a turning point for the franchise. Now you’re willing to risk a holdout to save a few pennies in a scenario that would only come into play if the quarterback was a bust and got cut in less than four years?