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Jets mailbag: Will rookie contract standoffs become more common in the NFL?

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NFL: New York Jets-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first practice of 2018 training camp for the Jets. It is a big step forward to the start of the new NFL season. On today’s podcast we do a mailbag show to coincide with camp getting underway. Thanks as always to those of you who submitted questions.

On this mailbag show we look at whether the Jets are being stubborn for not having Sam Darnold signed at the start of training camp, whether Darnold’s and Joey Bosa’s rookie contract difficulties are a sign that rookie holdouts are about to go on the rise, whether the Jets should make a big trade offer for Rams superstar Aaron Donald, which under the radar player might make an impact, the best tight end the Jets have had since the turn of the century, what it will take to get Nathan Shepherd onto the field, and more. It is a full show with a lot of great questions.

Thanks as always for listening.