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NY Jets podcast: The mechanics of a rookie contract

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It begins. Today the Jets reported to training camp. This is a time of great excitement each year as it signals we are getting closer to the NFL season.

This year it is especially exciting around the Jets because they have a new blue chip quarterback prospect, Sam Darnold. Of course, there is a bit of apprehension around the fanbase because Darnold has yet to sign with the team on reporting day.

On our podcast this evening, we discuss the mechanics of a rookie deal and what potential problems could cause negotiations to hit a snag. Any potential hurdles seem so small that it probably should make you rest a little bit easier about Darnold signing his deal soon. With any luck, Darnold will be signed by the time you listen to the show. The way these rookie deals work, a team would have to be really dumb and stubborn to get to the point of having a player holdout.