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Buzz: Jets thrilled by what they’ve seen from Teddy Bridgewater

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NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Silver says he is hearing the Jets are very excited by what they have seen from quarterback Teddy Bridgewater as we approach the start of training camp.

I’ll be that guy and question whether the team actually has three quarterbacks it can go to battle with. That would include Josh McCown, he of the 18 touchdowns, 2,926 yards, and a 5-8 record in 13 games last year. That was a career year at 38 years old so perhaps we should temper things a bit on that front.

With that said, the team has a blue chip prospect in Sam Darnold and a high upside wildcard in Bridgewater. What makes Bridgewater unique is that many of his question marks simply come from the extent to which he has recovered from his 2016 knee injury. During OTAs, reports indicated he was showing good mobility. That could give the Jets a quality quarterback at a real bargain this season in the event Darnold is not ready to step into the starting role.