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Jets mailbag, volume 2: What is the most encouraging trait Sam Darnold can show?

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NFL: New York Jets-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Today we complete the second half of our two part mailbag for the week. Thanks for producing enough good questions for us to have two mailbag shows this week.

On this podcast episode we examine what grade Kacy Rodgers deserves for his work as defensive coordinator over the last three years, who would win a hypothetical matchup between Jerry Rice and Darrelle Revis in their respective primes, how Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold might compare to Josh McCown as deep passers, who will get to choose the team’s starting quarterback, the most encouraging sign Sam Darnold could show in training camp and the preseason, and which rookie quarterback will have the most successful 2018 season.

Thanks as always for listening. We are getting close to the start of training camp, which means daily podcast episodes. You can get new episodes sent to your device automatically by subscribing to Locked on Jets on iTunes or Spotify.