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Report: Jets WR ArDarius Stewart Facing Two Game Suspension

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New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ian Rappaport is reporting that New York Jets wide receiver ArDarius Stewart is facing a two game suspension by the NFL for violation of its performance enhancing drugs policy. The suspension has yet to be officially announced by the NFL.

A suspension of Stewart could negatively impact his chances of developing into a useful receiver for the Jets. Although missing two games in and of itself is not a significant setback, Stewart had a disappointing rookie year and currently appears to be buried somewhere around the 6th wide receiver spot on the Jets depth chart. Violating the league’s drug policy, if the alleged suspension is issued and upheld, is not likely to endear Stewart to a coaching staff already perhaps less than enthused about his level of play to date.

If the alleged suspension is issued Stewart will join Robby Anderson and Dylan Donahue among Jets having become involved in difficult circumstances this off season.